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Being Safe is every Child's legal and Human Right

Child Abuse & Family Violence affect 1 in 3 Women, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 4 boys. 
98% of Child abuse victims tell the truth but less than 1% of paedopohiles are convicted.
The Family Law Court has no transparency and no external accountability, the appeal courts are presided over by Family Law Court Judges, fellow peers.  It is no surprise that less than 10% of appeals are successful.  Less than 25% of these have a reversal or rehearing.  A gag order is put in place, S121 prevents victims of familial abuse from speaking out.
State authorities (such as Dept Communities & Justice (NSW)),
are the legislated body with the responsibility for child protection concerns, however  where there is state and Federal bodies involved at any one time the Federal Body takes Jurisdiction.  This means that when a child safety issue is raised in the Family Law Courts because they are a Federal Body, their recommendations take precedence. 
Contrary to recommendations by Police and Child Protections Services
we constantly see the  Family Law Courts make decisions regarding child safety concerns often relocating children into the care of those the children have identified as having harmed them.  In these cases we frequently witness the change combined with no contact orders put in place for the protective parent and extended family for periods of 3 months to until the child turns 18.   This attachment disruption and harm costs our country millions in mental health intervention. 
Parliamentary and Family Law Reform Commission inquiries have revealed that the Family Law Courts do not have the relevant training or expertise to allow them to make these decisions.  The Family Law Reform Commission recommended the abolition of the Family Law Courts.
We believe that legislative change is needed to ensure that the State Legislated bodies are tasked with all child protection concerns where allegations of domestic violence and paedophilia are concerned.  The Family Law Courts should not be making decisions regarding relocation of children.  All such decisions must be reviewed by professional legislated state Bodies.
This week we are asking people to raise awareness of changes needed to the Hague Convention and Family Law Courts and to join us in lobbying and advocating for change.  If you would like to be part of this change please feel free to email us to be added to our mailing list as well as donate to our Public Fund.
Keep an eye on our website for more information and visit our petition page.  If you join our mailing list you will be updated about our speaking engagements and our exhibition planned to tour NSW in 2023 called "Voices Silenced"

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