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Raising Awareness

Julie Collins is an engaging and empowering motivational speaker.  She believes that from awareness and education springs change.


Julie Collins and her husband Robert were the founding Directors of Shiloh Life Centre - Ark of Hope Ltd.  After working with those experiencing Domestic Violence and intimate partner abuse, Julie and Robert witnessed first hand the denial and lack of undertanding surrounding familial abuse within our Judicial systems and many in the community.   She and Robert saw the results and impact of attachment disruption, and the devastating results of harmful removal of children.  Julie realised that there was little understanding and support for those experiencing injustice, and aware that wrongful removal has been taking place in our nation for years, Julie and Robert with an aim to make a difference through education, raising community awareness, support, prevention and lobbying for legislative change, Shiloh Life Centre Ark of Hope was birthed. 

Julie ran in the 2019 and 2022 Federal election, and volunteered at Hetty Johnston's campaign rally in 2017.

To book Julie To speak at your next community or club event email us.


Julie will be in QLD in June and in Brisbane the week of the 20-27th June.  2022.   Julie will speak to groups of 30 or more.  

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Ph: 0413379895

PO Box 139
Tamworth NSW 2340

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