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Stop the Wrongful Removal and Deportation of Children!
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Help us stop the illegal deportation of Australian children to foreign countries and bring Ollie home. We urgently need your help to bring Ollie home.   

Shannon is a beautiful Australian Citizen Mother who gave birth to Ollie an Australian Citizen Child in a Communist Country. Shannon and Ollie's father broke up prior to Ollie being born.  She and Ollie desperately need your help in asking our Politicians to Intervene so Ollie can be returned home.  Ollie was forced to return to this communist country as a ward of their court, and it is unknown if his mother will be allowed to stay longer than her tourist visa.

Shannon and Ollie's case should never have been treated as a Hague Convention matter as the mother was the legal guardian and sole custodial parent of the child when she and Ollie came home to Australia. This is another example of the failings and abuse by the Australian Family Law Courts towards vulnerable children.

Neither Shannon nor the father nor Ollie are citizens of this Communist Country and can never become citizens.  When Ollie was in preschool Shannon made the decision to return home to Australia to live.  Due to Covid and riots it was no longer safe  for Australian's to live in this Communist Country.  Ollie's dad at the same time returned to England, his country of origin and was looking for work there.

What happened next was a nightmare.

9 months after Shannon and Ollie had returned to Australia, Ollie's father found work in England and asked Shannon if she and Ollie would move to England.  Ollie was settled and thriving at  home in Australia.  He was enjoying his school, his friends and not being cooped up in an apartment because of riots.  

Shannon told Ollie's Dad it was not in the best interests of Ollie to move.  When Oliver's father realised that Shannon was not going to move to England, he turned down  the job opportunity he had been given, and instead went back to the communist country where Ollie was born and asked the courts in that country to make Ollie a ward of the court.

Upon the father making application whilst Shannon and Ollie were settled and resident on Australian soil Ollie was made a ward of a Communist Country's court indefinitely.  The court at this time removed  Shannon's parental rights and did so without allocating the father any parental rights at this time.  This was done without notice of intent, ex-parte, based upon misinformation and outside of an international treaty.

12 months later the Australian Family Law Courts upheld these wardship orders and two years later Ollie has been forced to return.

It does not seem possible that an Australian Citizen and child could be subject to another country's laws when they don't live there.  It is unconstitutional that a foreign country can make orders that concern an Australian Citizen mother and child at home on their own soil, outside of an International Treaty, and that our Australian Family Law Courts would uphold those orders.  But that is what has happened.  No wonder the ALRC said that the Family Law Court System should be abolished.

At the airport Ollie was visibly distressed and frightened, airline staff tried to intervene to prevent Ollie being flown out by ringing Australian Authorities but to no avail.  Ollie knows that his mother may not be able to remain more than 3 months, and that there is a very real possibility that he will grow up without his mother.

By signing this petition you are Asking the Prime Minister and Attorney General:

1. To bring Ollie home. 

2. For legislative change to prevent children being placed in harms way, including:

a) The amendment and modification of section 121 to allow accountability and transparency.

b) Defining the role of the state legislated bodies for child protection and insuring that they do their job without interference from the Australian Family Law Courts.

c) Removing immunity from all expert witnesses and report writers.  This will keep accountability and make it possible to prevent fraudulent reports and assessments that do not comply with professional standards.

d) Assessing and amending The Hague Convention to ensure that children’s voices are heard and the protection of women and children is prioritised and determined in their own country.

e) An independent  jury panel of 7 be appointed to sit on all final hearings relating to decisions surrounding the care and wellbeing of a child.

f) A royal commission into the Australian Family Law Courts and the intersecting bodies including The Attorney General Department's response to complaints.  The scope would include all Family Law Court Decisions regarding children and other intersecting bodies, all evidence, transcripts, documents subpoenaed whether put before the court or not.  The result of this Royal Commission would include the prosecution and conviction of any person in authority who had knowingly made decisions or withheld information from the courts that placed a child in harm or violated their rights.   

g) The accountability and prosecution of Judicial Officers where there is clear evidence of acting contrary to statutory law and Australian rules of justice.

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