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Services & Projects

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PARENTING COURSES Research shows us that the relationship between a child and parent in the first few years of a child's life are critical for a child to feel emotionally stable, have healthy adult relationships, be able to self regulate and feel confident and secure. We offer a range of parenting courses aimed to empower parents and reduce the risk of harm through understanding child parent dynamics.

Children's Contact Service

CHILDREN'S CONTACT SERVICE 'Daisy's House' is our Children's Contact Service with a difference.

Family Law Court Support

FAMILY LAW COURT / HAGUE CONVENTION SUPPORT We provide in court support, as well as assisting you and pointing you in the right direction for legal support and help.

Social Worker

SOCIAL SUPPORT Your circumstances are unique. Make a booking to have a chat with a qualified and experienced social worker.

Pastoral Care / Chaplain

PASTORAL CARE / CHAPLAINCY We provide Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, and our team are trained in Domestic Violence, Injustice and Trauma, and have knowledge of the Family Law Court and Hague Convention.


LOBBYING AND ADVOCACY Shiloh Ark of Hope is heavily involved in Lobbying and Advocating for change and harm prevention. We believe that good legislation can protect our freedoms, and also prevent harm.

Speaking Engagements

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Are you part of a community group? Would your group like more information? We are available to come and speak at your next group or meeting.





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